YHVH's Years

A Basic Understanding Series

By D. J. Love, Minister, TSN, SBC

YHVH's Years start in the Spring. This is not simply a coincidence, but was designed by YHVH to have parallel symbolic meanings. The meanings, however, are not so simple.
YHVH begins His years with the beginning of springtime which symbolizes the beginning of the process called "Birth" (Both Physical and Spiritual Conception). The Full Richness of this Birth symbolism can only be applied to True Believers (Those who Love, Honor, and Obey YHVH and Place All of Their Trust in Him). Because of this Pure Trust or Faith in YHVH, True Believers not only receive the "Promise" Of The Holy Spirit (Holy Pneuma), but are ultimately Spiritually Born Into YHVH's Kingdom. However, just like Springtime, this is ONLY the beginning of the year, and just like any physical human life, both physical and Spiritual Conception is only the BEGINNING of LIFE.

Therefore, YHVH's Year symbolizes an ordinary Human Lifetime, AND just like a natural Earth Year, it ends in Death ( symbolized by winter ). Fortunately (For True Believers) this is not the end of The Sacred Year Symbolism! Symbolism that is apparently no longer understood by mankind, because mankind follows the traditions of men, and does not follow the Traditions of YHVH. However, those few True Believers (Who Lovingly Keep ALL Of YHVH's Sabbaths and Commandments) do understand that the Seven Annual Sabbaths (the number Seven Is Symbolic for rest or the completion of work and the beginning of a Sabbath) have Special Significance. The First Three Annual Sabbaths explain Salvation through Y'Shua Messiah (Our Passover Lamb), and The Last Four explain (1) The Second Coming of Messiah Y'Shua, (2) The First Resurrection (In Messiah Y'Shua), (3) The Sabbath Millennium, and (4) The Second Resurrection which is immediately followed by "The Great White Throne Judgement". . . And That's Not All . . . "TISHRI" (The Sabbath Month / 7th. Month ) is Symbolic of The Sabbath Millennium (7,001 Years since Adam). And the Sabbath Month of "TISHRI" is the month in which all of The Annual Sabbaths that pertain to Messiah Y'Shua's Second Coming Occur!!! This is not an accident, but an executed part of YHVH's Plan of Salvation ! And an excellent method for discovering The Truth about the Book of Revelation.

The Messiah, The Lord of the Sabbath (Coming Kingdom of The Sabbath Millennium), was actually BORN during the seventh month of "TISHRI" . (Mid September to early October).

By now the significance of KEEPING YHVH's Sabbaths Holy should be beginning to make sense. This is an extremely rich message from YHVH to all of mankind. But sadly most of mankind is too busy to notice;. what with xmas, Easter and all sorts of manmade traditions to keep our minds occupied;. Who has the time to worship YHVH as YHVH instructed? . . . The True Believer DOES . . . THAT'S WHO ! . . . And that is why "TISHRI" occurs in the FALL of the Year. .So that it will symbolize MATURITY (Age), But not Death.

You See, just like Birth, Death applies to both the Physical and to the Spiritual Hopefuls of this Earth.. Is it any wonder then that YHVH's Symbolism clearly points out that True Believers will only know physical death (Sleep), but will never know Eternal Death, because the Symbolic First Resurrection occurs in the Fall (Maturity) of the year, prior to wintertime, which symbolizes Eternal Death.


* No Wonder SATAN Wants People To Celebrate The Birth Of Messiah Y'Shua in The WINTER!

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