This postcard, copyright 1907 by E. Phillips, a U.S. card publisher

Photo 28


The swastika (In General) has been around for thousands of years , it was a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and long life . It has most probably been used around the world by peoples of different cultures and religions and has even been found on Jewish temples in Palestine dating back as far as 2000 years ago, and it has been used to symbolically represent the Sun.

The word Swastika is made up of two ancient words that together mean "To Be" "Good". So why would the (so called) holy Roman Empire use the swastika symbol for the Sun in their banners (flags)? See photo number thirteen. Could it be that they were mixing pagan customs, traditions, and beliefs into a pagan-christian Roman culture in order to appease and control the populations of their conquered pagan nations ? Sure it could ! So how did the Roman Empire become holy anyway? Could it be that the Roman Emperor, Constantine, decided to convert to catholicism so that he could politically control both the government and religion (a Christo-pagan political machine)? Yes! Did Constantine actually become a True Believer? No! He continued his past pagan traditions, and continued to worship pagan deities!

* The Third Reich of Hitler was famous for its' Swastika Symbol.......

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