Sun Worship

There are many major differences between Christopagan legalists and True Spirit guided people. Below we see an image of a false
(long haired) Sungod (IHS - Ihsous) hanging from a solar cross (not a stake), and he (it) is suspended above an image of the Sun (Commandments 1 and 2 broken already). The Christian legalists have deceived themselves into believing that the physical image is to be worshipped, kissed, bowed down to, prayed to, and highly revered in general; However, they do not revere The Eternal Creator YHVH, for if they did they would not have these physical images of worship in the first place. The Spirit guided and obedient children of YHVH carry YHVH "In Their Heart," and need no physical images at all. And while it is true that YHVH uses the physical to explain the Spiritual, the physical should never be worshipped or revered at all. But that's what happens when a church places ITSELF above YHVH.

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