Sun Worship

There are those who would have us to believe that these "Sun" images are actually "The Glory of G-d" that shines or emanates from within those that possess YHVH's Holy Spirit. Nothing could be further from the truth. IF this were so, then we would ONLY find these rays of light as halos. BUT when man mixes light with darkness then we have deception, and this is a major deception. For IF those that pretend to love YHVH were not deceived themselves, they would not profane the first four Commandments, and they would be seeking YHVH guidance by attempting to keep all of YHVH's Marriage Vows (Laws, Ordinances, Traditions, Precepts, and Commandments). Instead they observe pagan Easter (Ishtar), Christ-mass (Brumalia), etc. . . . Their Churches murdered millions in the name of their Sungod IHS (Ihsous or Jesus).

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