It was at Ephesus in 431 C.E. that the pagan christian catholic church declared Mary to be the "the god-bearer" This move was intended to solidify the millions of worshippers of pagan goddesses under the one name of Mary. In the eyes of the pagan people it was the Title and not the name that was important. Therefore, the transition from Isis, Diana, Inanna or any of the hundred or so other goddess names to "Mother of god" was a relatively easy one. Prior to 431 C.E. Mary wasn't even recognized by the catholic church because she wasn't needed to further their political agenda of world domination (Ecumenism). Ephesus was chosen for Mary's installation to add legitimacy to the church's claim that Mary was "the Great Mother of god", and the "Great Mother of All." Many of the Great goddess's titles were taken, and declared to be the titles of Mary, including; "Queen of Heaven", "Divine Virgin", "Magna Mater", and "Mother of Rome".


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