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Greek Madonna

  This statuette of the Greek Chthonian (Tho-nee-uhn) "Great goddess of the Underworld" is, also, a reproduction, and is presently being sold on the Internet.

"Chthonian" is from the Greek word "Khthonios" which means "of the earth" or "under the earth".

This "Mother Child" relationship is obviously not just simply egyptian, and is displayed here to reinforce my previous statement as to the universal appeal of the Pagan "Mother Child" concept.

*** Greek Uranian vs. Chthonic Deities ***

Even in the forms of worship, there was a distinction made between the gods who ruled from above on Mt. Olympus (Uranian) and the older gods of the earth (Chthonian). The Chthonian sacrifices were black victims who had their throats cut facing down on a low altar or trench, sometimes in a cave or at night. The Uranian sacrifices were white victims who had their throats cut facing up on an altar or in a temple in the mornings.

Did you know that Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, was actually Greek? Well it is true, she was married to her brother, and both she and her brother were descendants of the Greek Ptolemy dynasty, founded by Alexander the Great, that ruled in Egypt from 323 to 30 BC. .

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