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 Isis... Ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, and both sister and wife to Osiris (Ba'al). Osiris was the Egyptian god who was worshipped at his annual Death and Resurrection, which personified the self-renewing vitality and fertility of nature. Osirus or any of his other identities was the Egyptian version of "God the Son." Read my message "The Father and The Son."

Here Isis is shown nursing her son Horus, who was worshipped as the "Sun god".

This mother and son relationship was universal amoung pagan nations. Each nation would have their own name for their gods and goddesses, but they all adopted each others concepts. This was mainly due to one nation conquering another, and absorbing each other's cultures. Later, this pagan culture was absorbed into the (un)holy Roman Empire, and ultimately by the Roman catholic church. Notice the similarity between the catholic Madonna (Mary) and the Egyptian Madonna (Isis).

Note: "Madonna" is the ancient Roman (Italian) title for a married woman.

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