The Inscription reads:

"Soli Invicto Comiti"

Which is translated as,

"Committed to the Invincible Sun".


Photo 21

Committed to whom?

Yahweh or The Messiah? No!

"The Sun"

And . . . to whom does "The Sun" refer? . . . Apollo the Sun god! And on which day of the week is Apollos' day of worship?

you guessed it . . . Sunday !

And . . . which day of the week did the Universal Roman church by their own authority choose to inforce as their official day of worship?

you guessed it . . . Sunday !

Coincidence? No Way! As you will see, there are far too many coincidences for the coincidence theory to hold up.

(see below)

"Constantine, Early Ecumenist"

Before you read the following, please try to understand, Christianity has always been pagan, and Christians worship a non-existent savior with a Greek name called Jesus (IHSOUS). The Greek Jesus never existed, but the Jewish Messiah, Yahshua, did exist. The anti-Hebrew Greek gentiles invented a Sun god named Jesus based on the writings and true life of Messiah Yahshua. Messiah Yahshua was only a human, but was "Set Apart" by Yahweh as the prophesied Messiah. Therefore, Christianity is nothing more than a (anti-Messiah anti-Hebrew, anti-Semitic) pagan religion and another term for "Universalism" (catholicism)!

A fascinating book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" discusses the pragmatic political motives of the fourth-century Roman emperor Constantine, who first moved the celebration of Christmas to December 25 (December 21 on the Julian calendar). The authors claim that Constantine followed the Cult of Sol Invictus, a monotheistic form of sun worship that originated in Syria and was imposed by Roman emperors on their subjects a century earlier. "His primary, indeed obsessive, objective was "Universal" unity (Ecumenism)-- unity in politics, in territory, and in religion (This is the same as today's "New World Order"; see "Ecumenism"). A cult or state religion that included all other cults ("catholic" means "Universal") within it obviously helped to achieve this objective...In the interests of unity (Ecumenism), Constantine deliberately chose to blur the distinctions between the pagan religions of ALL conquered nations, and combine them into ONE UNIVERSAL (catholic) CHURCH, and thus "Christopaganism" was born. That's why Constantine decreed that Sunday -- "the venerable day of the sun" would be the official day of rest. (Early followers of Yahshua always celebrated their Holy Day on the Hebrew Sabbath -- "The Seventh Day," and still do!) That's also why -- by his edict, the book claims -- the celebration of Jesus' birthday (Messiah Yahshua was actually born in the fall of the year from mid September to early October) was moved from January 6th (Epiphany today) to December 25, celebrated by the cult of Sol Invictus as Natilis Invictus, the rebirth of the sun (confused yet? don't be!) And are you wondering about the concept of the 12 Days of Christmas? The midwinter festival of the ancient Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus (the prototype of the earthly king) son of Isis (the divine mother-goddess). It was 12 days long, reflecting their 12-month calendar. This concept took firm root in many other cultures. In 567 AD, The pagan Universal Roman church adopted it. Church leaders proclaimed the 12 days from December 25 to Epiphany as a sacred, festive season.

The Universal (catholic) church is none other than a Roman Governmental Creation for the sole purpose of population CONTROL, and profit. Profit and control in the hands of greedy men always equates to military and political power (and power struggles).

It was this forced ecumenical blending of the
pagan religions of the conquered pagan nations by pagan Roman conquests, that blurred the lines of distinction between the pagan gods and goddesses. Ultimately, Roman Rule forced all conquered nations to conform to their lifestyle and beliefs. All except that is for The True Jewish Faith of Messiah Yahshua. This True Jewish Faith (NOT Christianity) was so popular that it threatened complete Roman domination, and therefore had to be eliminated by death. However, even death couldn't quell True Faith completely, and so The Roman Heirarchy pretended to embrace this True Faith, and through infiltration, murder, and political domination took control. This control gave power and judgement to uninspired (pagan) greedy men who created Christianity, and in the name of their Christian Jesus (Ihsous or IHS) went about trying to conquer all pagan and Islamic nations in their quest for complete dominance. Meanwhile the nameless "True Faith" was hidden but thriving in the hearts and minds of Yahweh's Called Out and Chosen Few.

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