The Catholic church has pretended to be G-d's Church long enough! Beware of Evil that comes in the name of good !

Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of Yahweh.

Now listen and listen good . . . Anyone, I repeat, anyone who has chosen of their own free will to follow the ancient Babylonian, Greek and Roman polytheistic customs and traditions (christmass, Easter, Sunday worship, The Trinity, etc...) of the Catholic church has chosen to disobey G-d, and is not a True Worshipper of Yahweh! The Christopagan Roman Catholic church has so greatly distorted the concept of True Faith that it is nearly impossible for the average person to understand what True Faith is, but you can discover those facts here on this website.

Pope Admits Guilt


I really see this as a coverup for future actions of hate, rivalry, and intolerance against society (especially Sabbatarians).

Let us open our eyes and look this leopard right in the face. This leopard is not about to change its' spots, but the Pope wants society to believe that it has suddenly realized that it made a few little mistakes over the last 2000 years, and would like to apologize. What I want to know is, how could it be possible for a True Assembly of Believers to accidently find themselves in the awkward position of needing to apologize for the mass murder of countless millions of people, and blatant disobedience to the Age Old Laws of Yahweh? Answer: It is simply not possible! Therefore, this evil serving Roman church of Daniel's prophecy has decided to try to smooth over their obvious non-righteousness seeking past by having a sickly old man (Pope), backed by a few subordinates, apologize for the nearly two thousand years of overt and covert atrocities that were so unrighteously forced upon mankind in general, and upon Sabbath Keepers in particular by an entire church organization.

 Has the Catholic church suddenly realized that it has never been Yahweh's True Assembly? Have they suddenly decided that they want to become a True Assembly?

I tell you right now, the Catholic church is the Original Cult church that Yahweh warned us about, and this Roaring Lion is still a Roaring Lion! No church that is a True Assembly of Believers would ever have placed themselves in a position of governmental and military power or ever have tolerated, much less be responsible for, such blatant evil. And this is not only true for the Catholics, but for her daughter Protestant churches too.
Irish Catholics and Protestants are prime examples of Christian violence, and not Righteousness seeking worshippers of Yahweh.

Where is the Love? Even a moron is capable of understanding that all True Worshippers are to emulate Yahweh, The Creator and G-d of Love. How can any scholar, Pope or church have an excuse? Where is the Obedience? Where is the Worship of G-d in Spirit of Love and Truth? It is nowhere to be found in Christianity, except as a token offered by a few! Perhaps these few would do better if they got away from polytheistic Roman Rule and misguidance.

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