Thursday, June 3, 2004

Ecumenism 2004

The following news release is just another example of the "Ecumenical" movement of the Trinitarian Beast System. We have been warning all readers for years that there was/is a movement to subjugate The Whole World under a Trinitarian Christian
(Christopagan) umbrella was underway. So why India? Because the people are basically Hindu and Hinduism is a pagan Trinitarian religion already. All you have to do is substitute Vishnu for God, Brahma for the son of God , and Shiva for The Holy Spirit. "The Trimurti" is the Hindu term for trinity.

TSN Headline News

See: The Hindu Connection.

The Ecumenical Press

North India May Be Home To World's Fastest-Growing Trinitarian Church

Thursday, Jun. 3, 2004 Posted: 1:52:12PM EST

NEW DELHI, INDIA -- with over 60,000 estimated house Churches, most of them being concentrated in Northern region, Northern India becomes a home to one of the fastest-growing revival movements on Earth, Joel News reported.

Last year alone, 200 new house Churches were added in Hariyana State, which was a part of one of India's least evangelized states.

According to an April 2004 report, the number of house churches in Northern India has grown to around 30,000 in the past seven years, with an additional 28,000 regular home prayer meetings. Experience shows that these prayer meetings turn out to be house churches within few months.

One South Indian Church growth observer (name withheld) reported that there are over 10,000 house [Christian Trinitarian] churches in Southern India.

Tehelka weekly newspaper had an unwarranted investigation on Christian activities, mainly the evangelism work done by Christians and have warned an unprecedented growth of Churches and number of Christians in northern India. The weekly newspaper concern was that of the evangelism work being carried in collaboration with Bush's American administration. It alleged that Bush administration has an agenda to evangelize unreached areas of the world including India. It had naturally raised outrages from Christians in India. Such baseless allegation was condemnable.

But, the fact the weekly had carried was the overwhelming growth of Churches and Christians in northern India in recent years.

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