The Marriages

by D. J. Love, TSN, SBC

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YHWH's Marriage Covenants...s


What is a Covenant? According to Webster it is a binding agreement or VOW between two or more persons or groups of persons.


The Sabbatarian Network and its affiliates teach that YHWH's Covenants are Marriage Vows between people, mankind or nations and with The Eternal Creator Yahweh (G-d), that are Physically and Spiritually binding in the sense that if the Covenant is broken by man(kind) (G-d never breaks His Covenants) then the Vows of the Covenant itself are broken for and by the offending party; at that point the penalty for breaking the agreement or vows (without repentance) will be enforced, which is usually spiritual separation or Divorce from YHWH, YHWH's protection, YHWH's instruction, YHWH's Sacred Spirit of Love, and possibly early physical death. Also, there is no reason that YHWH's Covenant (Marriage Vows) once broken cannot be extended Physically and Spiritually by YHWH to another people or Nation, as was the case with ancient Israel and the gentile people. Notice, also, that G-d can have many covenants with many people, but people can only have One G-d. This is further evidenced by the physical to spiritual relationship (an anthropomorphic parallel) with King David or with King Soloman, and their many wives; of course the wives could only have one husband (King). However, this "Husband & Wife" relationship is not true for all men, because all physical men do not spiritually and symbolically represent The Eternal Creator, Yahweh (G-d).


YHWH's First Covenant was established with Adam (known as the First Adam - Hosea 6:7).

This little remembered Covenant was broken when Adam allowed Satan (Source of Human Nature) to test his Faith in G-d's Word (a Commandment... "Thou Shall Not Eat of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"... Genesis 2:16-17), and Adam disobeyed G-d. Therefore, through the First Adam came (Spiritual) Death to all of Adam's (Unrighteousness Seeking) seed, but through the Second Adam (Messiah Yahshua) came (The Promise of Eternal) Life (Romans 5:14-15, 1 Corinthians 15:22, 45). However, Yahweh, not wanting to destroy any who truly loved Him and demonstrated that love through righteousness seeking obedience, entered into additional covenants.

Note: Adam would have died physically, whether he obeyed Yahweh or Not. Physical death for disobedience has never been the real issue. It is Spiritual Death that is the issue. Otherwise, eating from the "Tree (source) of (Eternal Spiritual) Life" would not have been stated as being a source of "Eternal Life" (Immortality), but as a source of temporary physical life. Nothing physical can endure forever, because the physical wears out, grows old, and decays.

Genesis 3:22
And the LORD GOD said, Behold, the man is become as
(like) one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and (Spiritually) eat (partake), and live forever (immortality):

Why would Yahweh enter into additional covenants?

Simply because Yahweh's sole intent for creating mankind in the first place was (is) to Spiritually reproduce Himself (as a righteous image) through physical (temporary) man. Therefore Yahweh continues to bestow Grace (favor) on all who love Him and SEEK to be like Him in righteousness, and He maintains the promise to destroy all who oppose Him and who hate His righteousness. Nevertheless, the penalty for sin is death (physical and spiritual), and only Self Sacrifice removes the penalty. This sacrifice being both Yahshua's (Yeshua, Yahushua or even Yahoshua) sacrifice, and ALSO, our own personal "Living Sacrifice."

YHWH's Second Covenant was established with Noah.

(Genesis 6:18-22) wherein G-d told Noah that He would establish His Covenant with him, and Noah Obeyed G-d (Adam did not). This Covenant was extended to ALL OF MANKIND (Noah's Seed), because of Noah's obedience through love. The Second Covenant will never be broken, and Yahweh will never again destroy the surface of The Earth and those that live upon it with water.


YHWH's Third Covenant was established with Abram,
later called Abraham, and his Physical (and Spiritual) seed Forever (A Perpetual Covenant).

The Third Covenant has never been broken, because Abraham (Trusted) "Believed In" G-d and was obedient to G-d. Therefore, the Third Covenant is still in force. However, it has two elements to it, and that being a physical seed element and path of inheritance, and it has a Spiritually Righteous element to it and a Righteous Path of Inheritance (Messiah's Example).

(Genesis 15: all, and Genesis 17: all) This Third Covenant was only made with Abraham but was extended to both Abraham's Physical and Spiritual seed by the promises of The Vow. Later, when the Physical seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) broke their Covenant (A Fourth Covenant) with YHWH, then the Physical aspect of the Fourth Covenant with only Abraham's Physical seed ended, but Yahweh's Promises to Abraham did not simply end, because The Third Covenant was a Spiritually Perpetual Covenant, the Physical and Spiritual aspect of the Third Covenant was extended to ALL of MANKIND (Those Righteousness seeking individuals, who are desirous to obey Yahweh through Love) according to the example of "Self-sacrifice" established by Messiah Yahshua's ministry.


YHWH's Fourth Covenant was born out of His Third Covenant, because of G-d's promise to Abraham. This Fourth Covenant was made with the physical Children of Jacob (Israel) This Fourth Covenant is referred to as "The First Covenant of Israel."

Note: a separate (additional) covenant was made with the Tribe or House of Levi, wherein they became the Levite Priest over the House of Israel (seed of Jacob). Ultimately Yahshua became our "High Priest," but he is not a Levitical Priest (See "The Nazarite Priesthood").

YHWH's warning against making vows or covenants with false pagan G-ds.

Exodus 23: all, especially verse 32, and Exodus 34: all, especially verse 28. Here the Covenant is condensed into The Ten Commandments. (Deuteronomy 5: all)

Note: Since in reality there are no true G-ds other than the Creator, making a vow with a "Make Believe" G-d or Satan (source of Human Nature) is a "Belief" or a "Faith" that comes from within the Heart of an individual. Since these Vows fall on the ears of deaf gods, then these vows can be verbal, unspoken or simply a "Lifestyle". A Covenant comes from "The Heart" or "Mind," and reveals your guiding Spirit (YHWH Spirit for good, and "Human Nature" for evil).

(Exodus 24:7) The children of Jacob (Israel) verbally agree to their Covenant, thereby establishing a Fourth Covenant between G-d and the Nation of Israel (the Physical and Spiritual seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).

(Judges 2:16-20) The physical (worldly) Children of Israel break their (Fourth) Covenant with G-d. But The Third Covenant (Perpetual) could not be broken and so was left in force for all of Mankind that were the Spiritual equivalent of Abraham (Spiritual Seed; which is Messiah). However, it took Messiah Yahshua to show the world what it meant to be "Self-sacrificing" like Abraham (who was a Spiritual Image of Yahweh). It is not enough to have a "Hebraic Mindset," we must have the "Spiritual Mindset" of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Noah, King David, Solomon, Job, Esther, Ruth, etc.... It is the "Holy Spirit" (mind of Yahweh) that is our teacher and guidance counselor, and not the natural (Hebrew) man's "Hebraic Spirit" (Hebrew mindset).

IF the "Hebraic Mindset" was so effective and powerful, then why did almost all Hebrews break Yahweh's Fourth Covenant, and thus fall short of Yahweh's saving Grace? Only one possible answer here. They did not have the righteousness seeking mentality of Yahweh's Holy Spirit.

(2 Kings 13:23) YHWH was patient with Israel after the Nation of Israel (children of Jacob) broke The Fourth Covenant, because of His Third Covenant promise to Abraham (Luke 1:72-73, Acts 3:25). Yahweh was still willing to forgive them if they would repent. They did not repent, causing them to fall from Grace (favor) and Yahweh removed His protection from His now Ex-wife (The Physical Seed of Jacob and Abraham), but not from the (Holy) Spiritual Seed of Abraham.

The New Covenant is actually another extension of the (Third) "Perpetual Covenant with Abraham," and is Spiritually understood (is being made replete) through the Spiritual example of Yahweh's first physically born son, Messiah Yahshua; which was extended only to the (Holy) Spiritual Seed of Abraham (regardless of their physical ancestry). Therefore neither "The OLD Covenant" nor "The RENEWED Covenant" are the same Covenant as Abraham's "Perpetual Covenant" of Righteousness.

Note: Since the third covenant with Abraham was perpetual, this Newer Covenant through Yahshua is also born out of The Perpertual Covenant with Abraham; only it is established exclusively with the Righteous Seed of Abraham. Read, also, "Created in The Image of Yahweh," and "The Old and The New Covenants."

Additional Note:
The Hebrew and Greek words that were mistranslated as "New" do not really mean "New" at all. Check it out for yourself. The words used actually mean "Renewed," "Regenerated," "Restored." Thereby implying that the "Renewed Covenant" was "Rebuilt" on the very same foundation of Faith through Love as the Old Covenant; that foundation of Faith through Love is "The Perpetual Covenant" with Righteous Abraham.

When you accept Messiah Yahshua as your High Priest and Sacrifice for sin, You enter into a "Covenant of Righteous Love" (Just like Abraham) wherein you become Obedient to G-d and keep G-d's Commandments of Love (Just like Abraham and Messiah). (John 14:15 ; John 15:10 ; 1st John 2:3-4 ; 1st John 3:22-24 ; 1st John 5:1-3).

(Matthew 26:28) Which is to truly believe in Yahshua (Yeshua) as your Passover Lamb or Sacrifice for sin and to become a "Living Sacrifice" according to Messiah's example. To be changed by G-d's Love from a self-centered person to a selfless "Yahweh-centered" person, and to express your returned Love for your Creator through acts of Faith, and your desire to be Obedient to G-d's Commandments. For it is through Yahshua that the seed of Abraham will multiply (Galatians 3:16).

Note: No one is technically forgiven for sin or "Spiritually Begotten" by the Sacrifice of Messiah prior to the First Resurrection, and that will not occur until "The Second Coming of Messiah." It is only at that point that "The Saints" (Elect or Chosen or First Fruits) will put on immortality and rise to meet with The Messiah in the clouds.

The "Ten Commandments" are Yahweh's "Commandments of Love."

Hebrews 10:16-17 "This is the covenant that I will make with them: "After those days," says Yahweh, "I will put my Laws in their heart, I will also write them in their Minds (memory and character). Then (ultimately after that time) I will remember their sins and iniquities no more."

Matthew 10:22
22 You will be hated by all men for my name's sake, but he who endures to the end, the same will be saved.

Note: Messiah's Sacrifice is not applicable to anyone who does not live out their life (to the end) according to the example of his ministry.

Really doesn't say, "Once Saved Always Saved," does it?


G-d's Covenants are Marriage Vows of Obedience through the Spirit of Love.

Knowing this truth, it is important to remember that Yahweh is willing to forgive you if you will repent! Cast off your "image of Satan," and become the "Image of Yahweh," which is "Love."


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